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Final Paper

Final Paper

Final Project Prototype

CUNY Central Paper

CUNY Central Application Paper

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Final Project

The Nightcaller App.

The Nightcrawler App is a worldwide app that serves as an emergency service aid to help stop isolated crime in its tracks or prevent it from even occurring at all, be an outreach for victims of assault, sexual assault and harassment, rape, and ultimately reduce the amount of police brutality related deaths, and wrongful unwarranted arrests. Built and curated to ensure that anyone, anywhere can access help when they need it the most.

link to app prototype-;!!Pp5KzSszWng!AVRgjCPvIUrFTkMowy4OloHlpO4ncxEp-TcK6g66zqKafd6CIbTyEy5E_Ipfqk294RH1xvpSQfzCrA$

link to written portion –


FINAL APP PROJECT                          

Healthy Eats App  PDF

November 18, 2020 – Biomedia

November 18, 2020 – Biomedia


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Final Project

Get Healthy, Get Wealthy Essay



PDF of Paper Just in case

Get Healthy, Get Wealthy Application

Thank you for everything. Stay Safe Everyone

Final Project Paper

This was truly challangeing but so grateful I got through it.

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