I wanted to create an app that will help resolve the solid waste pollution seen in the world, Milieu is an app that has the answer to help solve this in any part of the world. Milieu’s purpose is to persuade users around the globe to clean up heavily polluted areas around their city to make their neighborhoods cleaner and more beautiful. 

The app will alert its users once a polluted area has been marked in which the user will appear at the area and take a photo of the marked trash being thrown away. Once the area has been cleaned up, users will mark the now cleaned location and submit their photo as proof before anything else. A Milieu team member will approve the photo if it seems as though everything is in check, once the approval is given the user will receive points for their efforts which can later be redeemed for cash and coupons for small businesses in their area in the future once a lot of points are redeemed. The app was once called CNYC but after a demo and a variety of feedbacks, I decided it was time for an update which resulted in more features, better prizes and best part, it’s now global. The global features allows the app to be used all over the world and not just major cities. We have seen the ways in which the world has drastically changed due to pollution, I believed it was best for the app to be available all over the world which can increase a chance in investors and decrease the pollution rate in the world. As mentioned before, the app now has an added feature, similar to other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter where we can connect with other people and remain in contact with family and friends, it made sense to add this feature for your neighbors. Milieu now has a profile feed where you can follow and gain followers with other users especially with those that live in the same neighborhood as you. This feature gives users a chance to chat within each other about their neighborhoods cleanliness and allows them to work together to keep everything in check. 

This app is very important because it has potential to reduce solid waste pollution in the city. Pollution is a very heavy topic that has been brought up many times due to the increase in global warming which continues to reduce the amount of life the earth has. But I believe the creation of this app will not only bring people together to make the earth a cleaner place but it also has the ability to restore hope and trust that the world will survive. The app Milieu is the first step into the right direction to make this a possibility while also being fun, users will get to experience cleaning in a new/technological way which hasn’t been seen by many. We will get to make a difference with the simple use of technology.

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